A Family Album: An Exhibition

Her Por Por’s (maternal grandmother in Cantonese) kitchen wall, sporting a flip-calendar, transistor radio, and condiments shelf is how artist-photographer Pia Johnson, of Chinese-Italian heritage, has chosen to honour her family history. Julie Dowling depicts herself and her twin sister as cheeky four-year-olds peering out from amongst their aboriginal relations in a colourful acrylic painting. Hoang Tran Nguyen opens the conversation about his Vietnamese subjects’ boat-trip to Australia with a re-enactment through video-stills.

Also featuring other artists, including Selina Ou, Donna Bailey, Hannah Gartside, A Family Album is an exercise to understand who we are and our place in time by examining fragments of our environment, past events, and our relationships in (and, with) those circumstances.

The exhibition, working through texture, is an interesting collage of settings and faces and emotions. Its intricate blend of love and pain, grief and nostalgia makes the viewer contemplate on their own story, and reach for that family album tucked away in the bottom-drawer, or somewhere deep in the recesses of the mind.

From Sat 31 October 2020
Until Sun 13 December 2020