Because the car-wash service
Is running off their feet
Collection for me is expected
Only in three hours, so

I walk down the street
Turn the corner to take myself
On this greyish November day
For a cup of tea at a cozy cafe
With brick walls and wooden floor.

Afterwards I cross the road to the
Local park where a football game's
Just kicked off -- parents 
Cheering them on from the sidelines --

Before a row of shops some hundred metres
Away catches my eye.
I try on an orange halter-neck
Linen dress, the tie on the nape
Flowing down the bareness of my back.

I take it to the checkout counter, then
Drop in at the next-door bookshop that's
Decked out with a
Wreath, Christmas lights and tree.

A mother and daughter are buying
For a new-Hemingway fan
Loading their basket with
A Moveable Feast, For Whom the Bells Toll,
The Complete Short Stories.

Leaving I stop for lunch
At a Tokyo-style 
hole-in-the-wall sushi joint
A noren half-curtain across the entrance
As I sit perched on a high chair
Facing the chef.

When I am driving home
In my sparkling car
I think to myself:
Freedom has never tasted
Sweeter than it does today.

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